Spatial Informatics

“Spatial informatics” is an odyssey through the post-soviet territories informed and restructured by the “politics of cosmos” (Y.Hui, 2019). It studies different biomes spread through the vast landscapes of Russia in order to see how non-human policy redefines political borders by the flows of energy and data. We explore the concepts of autonomous synthetic environments structured by the non-human forms of intelligence, and self-regulated, regenerated and retopologized by the means of AI.


Maria Kuptsova—Synthetic Landscape Lab, IOUD, UIBK / ITMO University / ⁠–⁠Digitocene.Net
[email protected]

Transdisciplinary artist, architect, researcher and educator exploring intelligent technologies, synthetic cognition and new aesthetics in her practice. Her current research questions the role of artificial and natural agency within the creative process, aiming to formulate bio-machinic design techniques driven by synthetic forms of intelligence. Maria is a research associate at the Synthetic Landscape Lab, Institute of Urban Design, University of Innsbruck. She is a curator of “Technological Art: Towards a New Intelligence '' Major at the Art&Science at ITMO University, a head of Design Innovation at ITMOTECH, as well as artist and curator of art initiative ⁠–⁠Digitocene.Net.

Vadim Smakhtin—Synthetic Landscape Lab, IOUD, UIBK / Habidatum / ⁠–⁠Digitocene.Net
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Creative engineer who works at the edges of the data visualization, urbanism, and virtual reality disciplines. Curator of the Arts & Science major “Digital Art: The New Spatial”, CTO of Habidatum, and co-curator of –Digitocene.Net.

Artem Konevskikh—Physics Kunstkamera / Current.cam
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Artem Konevskikh studied computer science and then applied this knowledge in the field of experimental particle physics by developing data acquisition systems and doing data analysis for CERN and Institute for Nuclear Research RAS. He is also one of the founders of the makerspace Physics Kunstkamera in Troitsk, Moscow, where he teaches advanced technologies for rapid prototyping and software development. Artem is currently working at Strelka KB, where he is developing urban analysis tools as well as collaborating on artistic and research projects to implement artificial intelligence and neural networks into the design processes.

Urban Morphogenesis Lab:
Claudia Pasquero—Director at the Urban Morphogensis Lab, BPRO, The Bartlett UCL.
Filippo Nassetti—Lecturer (Teaching) at the Urban Morphogenesis Lab, BPRO, The Bartlett UCL.
Eirini Tsomokou—Lecturer (Teaching) at the Urban Morphogensis Lab, BPRO, The Bartlett UCL.
Emmanouil Zaroukas—History and Theory Tutor at the Urban Morphogensis Lab, BPRO, The Bartlett UCL.


Man Qian
Ruoyu Hou
Jinyue Zuo

Zhiyue Gan
Liangchen Zhu
Ning Zhou

Marco Alfaro
Shiyu Qin
Heyuan Chen

Sheng Cao
Meng Zheng
Shusheng Huang

Xuehan Tong
Bo Liu

Ruiyi Wang
Lianglu Hou
Liuyang Wu

Tao Chen
Anshika Tajpuriya